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Delgrow Automotive

Delgrow Automotive first started operation in 2010 inside Serangoon Shopping Centre carpark with just a 6 lots area. We grew the business steadily along the years, focusing on pre-owned vehicles. Due to the increase in demand. In June 2021, amidst all the covid uncertainty, we moved into our brand new 2 units showroom in Vertex @Ubi. We also launched our new parallel-import department. As over the years we get constant request for this segment from our existing customers.

Delgrow Automotive’s culture is built on the meaningful Chinese character “信“, which is then developed into four core values as below:

  • 信用 Credibility, as we stand firmly on whatever we promise to all customer

  • 信心 Confidence, as our customers know we have the ability to deliver

  • 信赖 Trust, as our customers believe that we provide value to them

  • 信誉 Reputable, as we continue to build our track record over time

The above values are incorporated into everyone of us in DelGrow. We firmly believe that with 信用 (Credibility), we can gain 信心 (Confidence) from our customers and that they will 信赖 (Trust) us. We aim to be one of the best in the automotive arena and that we will maintain our 信誉 (Reputation) in years to come.